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(Devillers-Tersch. & Devillers) Melki

Last updated 21/05/2011


Extremely rare; on grassy/shrubby hillsides or dry mountain pastures; flowers in May.

A common species for the south of Italy, but  rare along the northern Adriatic. For the Marche only a handful of records exist. 

Antonio Bertoloni mentions a series of 18th-century records of the species in the Marche in his Flora Italica (1853): Narducci found the species in the Macerata area, Orsini near Ascoli Piceno, and Marzialetti in the vicinity of Montefortino. Luigi Paolucci (Flora Marchigiana, 1890-1) also mentions that the species was found near Macerata by Cardinali and by Poli. 

The only recent record, more than a century and a half after the Bertloni's records, Franco Benigni e Metella Fabrizi found a small population of Ophrys lutea near Treia  (MC) on 7/5/2011.






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Treia (MC), 7/5/2011

(photo: Franco Benigni)

Treia (MC), 7/5/2011

(photo: Franco Benigni)