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Italia Felix - The Orchids of the Marche


Last updated 11/06/2014


This recently described subspecies has long been determined (along with specimens that bear the characteristics of O. holoserica ssp. dinarica) as the nominate species. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to reconstruct which past records in the Marche actually refer to subsp. appennina.

Future research will have to show how common this species really is in the Marche.

O. holoserica subsp. appeninna often grows together with the earlier flowering subsp. dinarica, and intermediate forms are not uncommon.


Grows in grassy (often shady) hillside meadows; flowers from May to June.

NOTE: The official name of this entity is O. appennina.  However, I consider it a subspecies of holoserica, even if an official recombination has not been published yet.




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